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Sally Kemper, IAABC ACDBC

Sally Kemper, IAABC ACDBC, is the Owner and Founder of Mander's Best Friends (MBF), a company name that was derived from a childhood nickname of "Salamander" and eventually shortened to "Mander." Sally is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants; certified Pet CPR and First-Aid Tech through Pet Health Academy; and American Kennel Club (AKC) Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen (CGC), S.T.A.R. Puppy program, Community Canine (the new advanced level of CGC), and Urban CGC. She is a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and has earned a diploma in Dog Training and Instructing from the nationally accredited Penn Foster Institute. She has dedicated hundreds of hours towards case studies, hands-on training and study objectives that ranged from core areas of canine behavior to training in Search-and-Rescue; Guide/Service/Therapy; Trick; Obedience; and Agility and Hunting Competition. 

As a dog enthusiast, Sally trains and modifies the behavior of dogs of all ages; breeds; and sizes and endeavors to take the “Total Dog Approach,” which combines health, training and behavior. She has helped hundreds of owners and their beloved dogs with a variety of obstacles—from puppy issues; separation anxiety; depression; and fear-elicited and goal-directed aggression to training assistance dogs to travel with their disabled owners and comfort dogs for military personnel with PTSD. She understands how dogs think and perceive their world and knows how to motivate different dogs while clearly and effectively presenting the concepts to their owners and handlers. Her “Safety First” approach to behavior modification combined with conditioning strategies and positive reinforcement-based methods have produced long-term, successful results. Moreover, “LIMA” (least intrusive, minimally aversive strategies based on the most humane and effective methods that have a high probability of successfully achieving a training and behavior modification objective) are strictly practiced. LIMA compliance ensures that trainers and consultants are appropriately educated and competent in order to provide the least intrusive and minimally aversive methods when working with animals.

Sally maintains life-long relationships with the clients and dogs she works with, offering maintenance plans; medical assistance; and socialization.

Sally's Affiliations


Taco Bella

Seven-year-old Taco Bella serves as Mander's Best Friends' Canine Assistant and Demo Dog for various training and behavior modification purposes.  She is a Canine Good Citizen and fully trained Service and Therapy Dog that helps our human team members improve communication with dogs in training.


Mander’s Best Friends’ team of pet care experts are dedicated to providing the best care for your canine companion in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.