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Below are just a few of our recent testimonials

Cindy C. via Yelp

My golden retriever started training with Sally when she was 5 months  old. Sally and I spoke in person about the program Mango would be on,  what my role was, discussed the paperwork and the next steps before she  came over to evaluate Mango. She came over to our house, and evaluated  my pup, and she started working with Mango once to twice a week. Sally  corrected and improvised Mango's puppy behaviors which we thought  weren't possible to fix, spent hours teaching me and my dog how to be  successful at passing all the items on the CGC test. The greatest lesson  Sally taught me while training was the importance of learning with my  pup during the sessions. On the days I couldn't participate, Sally  recorded and uploaded the entire session via gopro and shared it with me  so I could practice what she taught my dog during the session. THAT  right there is professionalism at its finest!  Mango is almost two years  old and we get complements of her perfect behavior when I bring her to  work and in public places all thanks to Sally.
Sally truly cares  about each and every single one of her students as if they were her own,  and really puts 10000% into modifying behaviors of dogs and training  them to become service dogs.

Kurt C. via Yelp

We are currently getting training help from Sally and it has been very  helpful. She is an expert and very professional and personable. We have  had many rescue Dachshunds over the years and never pursued training.
Things  had gone pretty well until problems with our recent shelter rescue  Huey, who is sweet but has resource guarding aggression issues.  After  just a few sessions with Sally helping us better understand dogs and  teaching us some training techniques, Huey's behavior has really  improved!  The dogs we've had for years have benefited as well.  We are  very pleased with Sally/ Manders Best Friends.

Carla H. via Yelp

We just finished training Cooper, our male boxer, with Sally and we are  extremely happy with the results. Sally trained Cooper for about 3  months (starting when he was 5 months old) once a week. Cooper is now a  little over 8 months and even though he is still a puppy, he is not a  crazy puppy anymore. He now listens to commands (sit, come, stay, down,  paw, off, up, high ten, rollover, go get it, bring it back, leave it,  drop it, and a few others) almost 99% of the time (these are constantly  reinforced with treats and a quick 10 min. practice training at home  with us regularly). Cooper's behavior has also gotten way better  considering that he is still a puppy. Before we started with Sally we  had taught Cooper just a couple of basic commands but Sally helped us  expand and improve on those throughout training. However, the main  reason we needed to get him trained was to improve his behavior (chewing  and eating practically anything, jumping on people, excessive biting  (playfully), and obedience in general. We had read books prior to  getting Cooper from the breeder and had learned a little about boxers  and dogs in general but it was not good enough. Sally addressed every  issue we mentioned to her every time she would come and guided us by  giving us options and ideas that would work for us and Cooper. She was  also very professional and patient (especially with that crazy,  high-energy boxer puppy he was!). She not only trained our dog but she  trained us as well! This wouldn't work if anyone expects to hire a dog  trainer and not participate in the training or practice what she is  teaching the dog and the dog owner what to do. Successful training is  also the result of consistency (not just referring to time but also  family members being in-sync when addressing any issue or rewarding the  dog for good behavior). Anyone who hires Sally will be happy they did if  they follow her advise and commit themselves to training consistently  for the period of time needed. We will miss Sally but will sure keep her  in mind when we are ready for advanced training once Cooper reaches  adulthood. Thank you Sally for all your help!  You were awesome!

William D. V. via Thumbtack

Sally responded right away to our Thumbtack request.  She is very  professional and always responded to our questions.  We chose one of the  behavioral training packages for our giant puppy Malamute and it was  definitely worth it.  Sally was able to find the root causes of our  puppy's chewing and unwanted behavior within the first training session.   Also, our puppy loves Sally and he responded well to all the training  sessions.  We accomplished much more than we expected.  Sally taught us a  lot of new things as well, and we are not first time dog owners.

Marla W. via Yelp

When our labradoodle, Joey, was about 4 months old he started training  with Sally.  We were very impressed with her knowledge and understanding  about dog behavior and how to change negative behavior and achieve  positive behavior. She did an amazing job training Joey and educating us  on the best way for us to interact with him to reinforce the behaviors  she was teaching him.  After a few months of training, Joey was  following all the commands.  He is now 2 years old and because of  Sally's training he is so well behaved.  We also had Sally do  socialization training with Joey which was very beneficial for him and  us.  He loves being around other dogs and people.  We recently got  another labradoodle puppy, Ooda, and before we even brought her home, I  asked Sally to save a spot on her calendar to train Ooda.  Joey and Ooda  absolutely love Sally and are always so excited to see her.  Sally is  the best and any dog would be lucky to be trained by her!!

Candace H. via Thumbtack

Sally is the best.  We absolutely loved working with her.  But most of all we love how our puppy is behaving now! She has a wealth of knowledge, and would be an asset to any dog!

Andrea Yarletz via Yelp

We are so thankful we found Sally! Not only does she teach us and our  dog, Ray, but is able to break down every behavior which allows us to  understand why dogs do the things they do. She also brings her dog Bella  along to help complete parts of training and that has been a great  addition. Simply put, her approach to training is unique and effective.  Thank you for changing our lives and now being in our lives!

Marni T. via Thumbtack

Sally is taking Ned, our Rough Collie, from puppy training right through  to Service Animal certification. She is not only terrific with Ned, she  is also terrific with our pre-teen kids, who are doing most of the  training with her. She knows so much about training, different breeds,  and dog psychology, we couldn't have chosen a better trainer!

Marni T. via Facebook

Ned, our Rough Collie, has only been working with Sally for a couple of  months, but he has made TREMENDOUS progress. She's going to train him  (and us) through Canine Good Citizen and all the way to service dog!  We're more than confident she will help Ned become the best, happiest,  and most awesome dog he can be.

Donald R. via Thumbtack

Sally has been great. my dog has severe separation anxiety, and she has  made herself available to me whenever i come across a problem. she has  only been working with Cierra for a couple of weeks, and everything was  going well, until i tried to put her in my friends back yard alone. she  felt that i was abandoning her, and it heightened her anxiety. i sent  Sally a text the next day, and she offered some other solutions that  might work until our next session. she also offered to come by and check  on my dog when i go to back to work (i have been off for 2 years due to  back surgery, hence the anxiety). that is above and beyond the scope of  our agreement, and i can"t thank her enough for all she has done in  such a short time.

Holly G. via Thumbtack

Sally is a fabulous dog trainer/puppy sitter!  I did a board and train  week with her for my 6-month old Yorkie mix, and the pup didn't want to  leave when I went to pick her up. Sally is knowledgeable, patient, firm  and informative.  I have decided to keep her on as a 5-day a week  walker/trainer for my pup and older dog too.  Very happy with my  experience so far!

Caroline W. via Thumbtack

I am so happy I found Sally. She is so sweet and she loves my dog. We  started working on his separation anxiety and we will also get him more  socialized with other dogs. Everything she says and explains makes sense  to me and Lancelot and I have made a lot of progress in a very short  amount of time. I would recommend Sally in a heartbeat.

Daniela U. via Yelp

I rescued Roxy two years ago, Roxy was aggressive rescued, non  socialized and didn't trust in anyone. With Sally's help little by  little, intense sessions, we transformed Roxy to be a socialized,  now she trust in people and service dog. I'm so grateful I reached  Sally because I couldn't accomplished my goal with Roxy with out her!  Great service! I highly recommend her!!

Victoria D. via Thumbtack

Sally is the best! In only 2 weeks of training, I could notice a huge  change on my dog's behavior.. She is patient and love what she does! I  totally recommend!!!

Erika M. via Thumbtack

my dogs and I learned a lot from Sally and my dogs loved working with  her.  I'm a big fan of positive reinforcement with dog training.

Davina F. via Thumbtack

Sally is Literally an Angel that I manifested into our lives! My  Frankers & I are over the moon with the service, attention to care  instructions, Love & innate connection Sally obviously has with our  canine pals.  I was overjoyed to not only get a thorough report of Frankie &  Sally's first "hang out" together (which she does for all initial meet  & greets & it's an Awesome idea and report to get) but to also  received some of the CUTEST pictures of Frankie that I've ever seen!  (I'm actually a bit jealous that Frankie took cuter pics with Sally than  she ever has with me, LoL). But seriously, they were Too Adorable!  I am Not an easy sell on good customer service. But for some reason I  was drawn to Sally when she responded to my thumbtack post and my  intuition guided me to a GOD send! Once we spoke I knew she was someone  special, and now, having experienced how she takes care of my babes and  is so responsive, kind and a joy to talk to, I'm SOLD that Sally is THE  woman to contact for your pet care needs.  The only thing that would make me hesitate to leave Sally a Bomb review,  is a selfishness to have her all to us, lol. Good thing I'm (we're) not  that selfish ;) Contact Sally TODAY!  THANK YOU SO MUCH SALLY FOR BEING YOU!!!!!!!

Jennifer R. via Thumbtack

Sally really understood our dog's unique problems and challenges...she  did an amazing job of helping us learn how to work with her!  We saw  incredible improvements in a very short time!