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Behavior Modification


Behavioral problems are addressed through a behavior management program tailored to each dog’s individual needs. The program includes behavior modification, obedience training; environmental management; nutrition and diet fundamentals; cognitive and environmental enrichment; and veterinary intervention.

Some common behavioral issues include:

Aggression (Leash Reactivity; Resource Guarding; Fear-elicited; Territoriality; Pathophysiological; Intra-household dog-dog; Rank/Dominance)

Fears and Phobias

General Anxiety/Separation Anxiety


Social and Signaling Problems

Repetitive Behaviors

Cognitive Dysfunction

Elimination Disorders

Ingestive Disorders 

Coprophagia (consumption of feces)

Destructive Behaviors 

Excessive Vocalization


Harmful Predatory Behaviors 

Sound Sensitivity

Dogs with Disabilities